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What is Life Coaching?

A life coach is someone professionally trained to help you maximize your full potential and reach your desired results. Life coaching helps you identify your individual goals and develop a plan to achieve them. To most this sounds like something unnecessary, until you take a hard unbiased look anyone who has truly achieved a level of greatness - world-class athletes like pro-body builders, politicians who have ascended to the national stage, actors, community leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and executives - all these people have one thing in common: they used life coaches to get them there. 


Life Coaches have worked with clients to develop goals and be successful in: 

  • Business

  • Carbon

  • Career

  • Corporate

  • Diversity/Inclusion

  • Divorce

  • Executive

  • Financial

  • Recovery

  • Relationship

  • Retirement

  • Job Performance

  • Spiritual

  • Time Management

  • Weight/Body Image 

  • Wellness/Fitness

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Power Exchange (Kink/BDSM)

Life coaching is not a precise science. Like mental health-focused therapy, success depends on the connection that is formed between the life coach and the client. Not every life coach is a good match for every client. Everything from personality types, temperaments, situational obstacles, psychology, communication styles, and the expectations of both the life coach and client factor into success. If one of these factors doesn’t mesh between the life coach and the client, the professional relationship simply won’t work. 

At Wolfspirit, we employ an extensive initial assessment/consultation process that evaluates the possible connection between the life coach and the client. Wolfspirit does not take on every individual as a client that requests life coaching services. Even after some clients onboard, it becomes clear that the connection needed for success may just not occur. Wolfspirit was established on the passion for helping people explore who they are, and we want to see them be successful. As a result, we are highly selective of the individuals that we agree to take on as clients. There are now countless different life coaches out there to work with and every person can find a life coach that’s right for them.

Wolfspirit Life Coaches
and Counselors


Jay Wolfspirit

Life Coach and Power Exchange Educator


I'm a certified life coach with over 18 years of experience in organizational leadership, coaching/mentoring, professional instruction and mentoring. I offer Life Coaching on a wide range of personal and professional coaching areas to include specialization in power exchange, BDSM and the kink community. 


I teach both virtual and in-person classes on topics such as power exchange dynamics, exploring fetishes and paraphilia, and play workshops. I host play parties, monthly support groups and meet and greets (called a munch in the kink community) where kinksters can connect with like-minded people and feel accepted. Finally, I work with other local kinksters to foster the awareness, acceptance and inclusion of the kink community into mainstream society. 



Mentor, Coach Apprentice, and Power Exchange Educator

I'm a mentor, educator and coach apprentice for the kink community under Jay Wolfspirit. I've been a submissive and swinger in the lifestyle for over 24 years.  I host a monthly meet and greets (called a munch in the kink community) where kinksters can connect with like-minded people and feel accepted. I have a passion for fostering the acceptance and inclusion of members of the kink community. 


NVa Counseling Group 

Counseling in Human Sexuality

Wolfspirit partners with NVa Counseling Group to provide counseling and guidance to those in sexual crisis or confusion. Trained facilitators can foster positive discussions with family and friends. 

  • Anxiety

  • PTSD

  • Stress

  • SAD

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

  • Prostate issues

  • Post Cancer adjustment

  • Sexual Relationship

  • Gender Identity

  • Transition Counseling

  • Menopause

  • Low Libido

At NVa Counseling Group Every encounter is unique and services are reflective of the client's specific needs. Sessions can include meditation, hypnosis, and other methods designed for mind and body harmony

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