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Members Rules of Conduct

We want each member and guest to be confident in using this site to interact with the Wolfspirit Community and attend our events. We are very much aware of your concerns about the privacy of your information, and we have no desire or intent to infringe on your privacy. The safety and comfort of each of our members is of the highest priority to us. We foster the respect of every individual who visits this website, seeks to be a member, and attends our events. Effective Date: Jan 1, 2019

Member Values

  1. CONSENT: All members will seek consent for all actions and never assume consent is implied.

  2. COMMUNICATION: All members will actively listen and openly communicate with others to advocate for their own needs.

  3. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: All members will take personal responsibility in demonstrating integrity, care, compassion, safety, and the awareness of risk and consequences.

Member Conduct

All Members will

  1. Consistently and enthusiastically demonstrate the Wolfspirit Community Member Values. 

  2. Consent is always the highest importance!

  3. All kink that happens at our events is between CONSENTING ADULTS. Within the community, a consenting adult is at the age of 18 and up.

  4. ​​Each event and play scene is a separate entity in which all permissions are reset and must be asked and approved again unless the parties involved have already agreed otherwise between themselves.

  5. Do not touch anyone (whether sexually or non-sexually) without first asking; this includes during any play or outside of play and encompasses the touching of other members and staff.

  6. Do not touch anyone’s property (whether human or inanimate) without first asking.

  7. Do not join ANY play scene without first asking those involved if it is ok.

  8. Requests to join any type of play scene are not just formalities, meaning participants have every right to decline.

  9. No means no. Unless you have been given an enthusiastic verbal form of consent then the answer is no.

  10. Never assume that consent given before by a person means consent will always be given by that person.

  11. Everyone has the right to say no at any point during play or outside of play for whatever reason they deem appropriate even if the said reason is not openly discussed.

  12. Should someone decline to play, do not pressure them to change their mind. Take their answer as is and simply walk away.

  13. Do not take someone’s decline to play personally. We all have different tastes, wants, and needs.

  14. Do not assume that everyone at the party is “up for grabs” simply because they are present. Many people come to our parties and enjoy themselves by simply watching and socializing. Again, you are not entitled to anything or anyone at our events.

  15. Do not encroach upon open play scenes if you have not been invited to play; voyeurism is completely allowed but there are still proximity boundaries that should be maintained around any play scene. As a rule of thumb if those in the scene can accidentally bump or touch you as a spectator then you are too damn close!

  16. Do not open doors to closed play scenes unless consent has been given for you to join.


No Sex Offenders:

  1. All society members are subject to a background check against the National Sex Offender Registry. We do not condone criminal/non-consensual sexual acts of any kind! No convicted sexual offenders of any kind are allowed at our events under any circumstances.

General Etiquette

  1. Offers to play should be conveyed in a respectful manner. 

  2. While everyone has the right to decline an offer of play, we do ask that while those declinations can and should be conveyed resolutely, they also be done respectfully.

  3. Should you be on the other side of that declination we ask that you politely respect that person’s wishes and do not keep approaching.

  4. Purposeful consent violations, rude interactions, pressuring advances, and drama in general will not be tolerated at any vent and can result in removal from the event, and termination of membership. ​



  1. Not all of our events allow sexual play on premises.

  2. Condoms are a standard REQUIREMENT for intercourse play at our events unless it has been explicitly negotiated otherwise between play partners.

  3. Should patrons require condom use outside of intercourse (oral play, toy play, etc) it is incumbent on them to ensure their play partners understand this.

  4. During group play, condoms will be changed out when switching from one person to another unless fluid bonding has been negotiated between those involved (We know it seems like such an implied task to have to mention…but…mention it we must).

  5. We provide basic latex condoms of standard size at our events. Should anyone require non-latex condoms or need larger-sized condoms you must bring those with you.


  1. The community supports SSC (Safe Sane Consensual), RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink), and PRICK (Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink) philosophies of safety. Which of these BDSM safety protocols our patrons follow is a personal choice.

  2. We ask that all who wish to conduct scenes at our events at the very least have a basic understanding of what they are doing, the risks involved, and as always CONSENT…CONSENT…CONSENT.​


Play Scene Etiquette:

  1.  Practitioners: we ask our members and guests to please at a basic level ensure that all proper negotiations and aftercare procedures have been discussed and agreed upon before engaging in a play scene. We also ask that designated safe words or actions be used to pause or stop scenes.

  2. Spectators: Do not interrupt play scenes physically or verbally. Do not crowd play scenes. Please be cognizant of your surroundings and those actively engaged in a play scene within our dungeon space and other designated play spaces. 

  3. Aftercare Area: No sexual conduct is allowed in the aftercare area. The aftercare area is primarily meant for those conducting aftercare from a play scene. Members may use the room as a quiet space to decompress, however, we ask that should people come in needing space for actual aftercare that those not conducting aftercare make room for said individuals.​



  1. We DO NOT tolerate the discrimination of any person for any reason. Read this again. Now read it again. Repeat as necessary to understand. 

  2. We do not tolerate the shaming of any individual for their kinky interests and preferences. Everyone is entitled to like what they like and as long as it is done between informed consenting adult parties. What people chose to explore, do, and express within the world of kink is their right.


Prohibited Kink Practices:

  1. While we do allow various forms of edge play at our events and do not discriminate against any person's kinky choices, we do have limitations to play that may be conducted at our venues. These limitations are predominately in place due to hygienic and safety issues for not only the practicing kinksters but all who attend our events. The following list of kinks are prohibited at our venues:

    1. Scat play

    2. Scarification play

    3. Body suspension (skin hooks)

    4. Extreme blood play or intentional breaking of the skin

    5. Extreme asphyxiation play (to the point of passing out)

    6. Emetophilia play (vomit)

    7. Physical Primal Play (Fighting for Dominance).​​

Cellphones and recording devices:

  1. There is absolutely no cellphone use at our events. Please read that again. Now read it one more time. 

  2. Cell phones will be kept in pockets while attending our events. If you need to use your phone, you are to leave the party area and text or call in the lobby.

  3. Failure to follow this rule will result in your immediate removal from the event and termination of your membership with no refund. ​


Picture Taking/Content Making:

  1. To ensure the privacy of our members, there is absolutely no personal picture taking. We will have a professional photographer on site and a designated area for photos.

  2. We do allow our members to be photographed in play scenes by one of our photographers. This needs to be arranged with the photographer on staff.

  3. If you are a influencer and wish to make content during the event you must pre-arrange this with our staff. Content making will be restricted to designated areas at our venue unless explicit permission from our staff has been given otherwise. The enjoyment of our members attending the event takes priority over content making.



  1. Members will not drink to intoxication. Any member that drinks and causes a disturbance will be removed from the event and their membership terminated with out a a refund. ​The Wolfspirit Community is against anyone participating in physical power exchange activities under the influence of any substance. 



  1. All smoking and vaping of any kind (herein smoking) will be conducted in the venue's designated smoking areas outside of the event.  

  2. Smokers will be polite, quite, and discreet while smoking. These areas are mixed in with non-members. Smokers that can not remain quiet and discreet when outside the event we will be removed from the event and membership possibly suspended or terminated.


Drug Use:

  1. There will be NO illegal drugs or drug use at our events.

  2. Illegal drug use or possession will result in termination of your membership.

  3. THC is now legal in many states, please follow the laws of the state in which the venue is located. The Wolfspirit Community is against anyone participating in physical power exchange activities under the influence of any substance. 

  4. Many members have careers where they still can not use THC. Please be mindful of this and do not expose it to others. Members will not roll, open, expose or make visible any THC products inside our events. If legal in that state, THC products are to be used  in the venue smoking area ONLY!

Venue Address:

  1. The unauthorized sharing of our venue addresses by anyone to anyone is grounds for immediate membership termination. Discretion is of the utmost importance.


  1. Fighting of any kind will not be tolerated at our events and is grounds for immediate removal from the event, and suspension and/or termination of membership.

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