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Dacryphilia, within the power exchange (also known as kink or BDSM) community is a fetish where a practitioner is sexually aroused by the display of a strong emotional response and/or the emotional release accompanying crying or tears. (1)

The fetish generally refers to those who are turned on by observing the crying of others, however, it can also refer to the pleasure someone experiences from their own crying, both as a physical and emotional release. (1)

The term comes from the Greek word for tears, "dakrya," while "philia" means love.

Dacryphilia is also known as dacrylagnia. (2)

Dacryphilia in play

Dacryphilia is often incorporated with intense types of kink play. A Dominant or Top may induce tears from their submissive, or bottom, by giving consensual pain though intense impact or sensory play, rough physical play, or verbal humiliation. (2)

A submissive, or bottom, may cry during a power exchange play scene as a display of service to he Dominant or as a expression of deep emotion. (2).


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